Trigger Warnings

Our trigger and content warnings are below organized by title. If you are interested in the triggers for a series, they are nested with subtitles. These may contain spoilers.

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Blood Hunted series by ariel rae

Intended for mature audiences. Murder, violence, blood, gore, blood play, attempted sexual assault (not graphic), consensual sex that is roleplayed as non-consensual, attempted hanging, past trauma, memories of mutilation of a loved one, dismemberment, PTSD. 

Edited to add: A few readers have felt that the consent borders on dubious. The fmc has a safe word, but please read at your own risk. Your mental health matters.

Blood Trail (Blood Hunted 2)

Intended for mature audiences. The sequel, Blood Trail, contains past trauma presented as a memory in Chapter 12 and might be more graphic than other scenes. It contains dismemberment, trauma, sexual assault (not drawn out or heavily detailed), and torture.

For the rest of the book, Blood Trail contains more of what was in Blood Hunted, as compulsion and death.

Mister Nightmare (Blood Hunted 2.5)

Intended for mature audiences. Consensual sex that is roleplayed as non-consensual, dubious consent, death, past trauma, coercion and manipulation, war scenes that contains blood, murder, explosions, fire and burning, literal brain melting, and general violence. One of the characters can create nightmares, which include a plane fire, drowning, chasing, general fear, and more. He also hates clowns, so those are mentioned frequently.

Blood Queen (Blood Hunted 3)

Triggers for Blood Queen will be disclosed as we get closer to release date. Thank you for your interest!

break free by r. a. desilets

This book contains mental health, depression, and suicide. 

carter ortese is trouble by r. a. desilets

This book contains peer pressure, bullying, mentions of sexual assault (not graphic), and medical emergencies. 

Hipstopia (Uprising series) by r. a. desilets

This series contains violence, blood, gore, accidental murder through gun violence, death, fade-to-black sexual activity, and war-like scenes. Does contain curse words. 

Girl Nevermore by r. a. desilets

This book contains attempted suicide, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and mental health discussions. 

in a blue moon by r. a. desilets

This book contains fantasy violence, blood, gore, and brief depictions of murder.

my summer vacation by terrance wade by r. a. desilets

This book contains kidnapping and depictions of mental health. It does have a HEA and is still appropriate for older children.

The End Diary by r. a. desilets

This book contains mental health, homophobia, a discussion on healthcare, missing persons/murder (not graphic/happens "off page"), emotional turmoil, and an unreliable MC. 

start small by r. a. desilets

This book contains medical situations, hospitalization, and grief from losing a loved one.