Ariel Rae

Adult Romance Author

adult romance author

Her writing style: She will make you angry enough to throw the book across the room, but happy enough to want to do it again and again.

Ariel Rae wishes she were more of an enigma, but she's the spicy version of R. A. Desilets.

Aka, she is R. A. Desilets. While she will always enjoy writing YA, she also loves writing toe-curling romance with characters who still have witty banter and bring on all the feels.


Blood Hunted

All the Fae she had been with were dead.

Scarlet earned her title of Fae Slayer, but despite the amount of bodies in her wake, she has no leads on where to find the Fae king. In the aftermath of the Fae invasion, she has three rules for her survival:

After one of her hunts, she’s cornered by an assassin hired by the Fae king himself. Voss is a Blood Hunter, and he knows Scarlet opened the Fae door, making her the only human capable of ending the king’s rule. He has a proposition: an alliance to kill the king.

Knowing her identity gives Voss the upper hand, and she has no choice but to accept. With two of her rules broken, can she trust the assassin if it means getting revenge?

Don't miss the sequels

Blood Trail #2

The story continues, and Voss gets a POV! Scarlet and Voss are separated not just by distance, but in their minds. The best idea? Or a terrible one? Find out as their enemies loom on the horizon!

Mister Nightmare #2.5

A why-choose in-between romance novel with a dark stalker and boss cinnamon roll. What is Jules getting herself into? The best of both worlds, apparently. Featuring Finian Raskos and Nightmare himself.

Blood Queen #3

War is here. The battle of the humans and Fae comes to an epic conclusion.

Release date TBD. Ideally, second quarter, possibly early third.