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Young adult author

Her writing style: She will try to make you cry. Most of the time, she will succeed.

R. A. Desilets was raised in a small New Hampshire town but left it behind to attend Emerson College in Boston. After graduating with a degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing, she moved to southern California.

Working as a barista, she somehow turned her life into a cliché and met her partner while serving him coffee. They fell in love, got married, adopted a bunch of cats, and moved to the rainy side of Oregon.

When she's not writing, she plays video games, drinks tea, reads way too much (though, she wonders if there is such a thing as too much reading), and snowboards.


start small

A Contemporary YA novel about growing up and saying goodbye, perfect for fans of They Both Die at the End and All the Bright Places.

The Mundane List was my bucket list. I never dreamed it would be the thread that brought my friends back together. It was a wish list from a dying girl, things to do with my dad before I passed.

But when my best friend Harper finds it after our senior year, she wants a do-over with on again off again Zain. It’s our last summer to say goodbye. We’ve graduated, and there’s nothing left to lose.

From holding our breaths to shooting off fireworks to climbing a mountain, we complete the items. Maybe before the end, I will tell Owen how I really feel, but since he’s flirting with another girl and pretending I don’t exist, it might already be too late.

carter ortese is trouble

Everyone knows Carter Ortese, or Carter "Oh Tease" as some girls call him.

Everyone knows Carter Ortese's dad died at seventeen after getting his mom pregnant.

Everyone knows Carter Ortese is trouble.

It makes no sense when Emma Williams, a perfect student, asks Carter Ortese out on a date. Emma assumed Carter would reject her, but as he realizes she asked him out on a date, he challenges her by saying yes. Carter has been aloof in the shadows to avoid conflict. Emma has bent to her strict family's will and ignored her dreams. As Emma's choices catch up to her, Carter can't stay hidden any longer, else he may lose the one person he's finally opened up to.

No one knows why Emma Williams goes on the date.

No one knows why Emma Williams goes on a second date.

Emma Williams realizes: No one knows the real Carter Ortese.

A YA coming of age Romance told in dual perspectives.

break free

A time loop novella with a powerful message about mental health.

in a blue moon

The YA Fairy Tale apocalypse. Heads will roll in this action-packed novel.

girl nevermore

Emotional and devastating. A too familiar coming of age story.

The novella that launched her writing career.

A hipster dystopian, you say?

And the sequel where the villain gets a pov?